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may end up insulting the people with whom he hopes to establish trade relations. A second traditional problem is that of monetary conversions(货币兑换).For example, if a business deal is conducted with Russia, payment may be made in rubles.Of course, this currency is of little value to the American firm.It is, therefore, necessary to convert the foreign currency to American dollars.How much are these Russian rubles worth in terms of dollars? This conversion rate is determined by every market, where the currencies of countries are bought and sold.Thus there is an established rate.although it will often change from day to day.For example, the ruble may be worth 0.75 on Monday and 0.72 on Tuesday because of an announced wheat shortage in Russia.In addition, there is the dilemma associated with converting at 0.72.Some financial institutions may be unwilling to pay this price, feeling that the ruble will sink much lower over the next week.As a result, conversion may finally come at 0.69.These \must be accepted by the company as one of the costs of doing business overseas.

A third unique problem is trade barriers.For one reason or another, all countries impose trade barriers on certain goods crossing their borders.Some trade barriers are directly related to exports.For example, the United States permits strategic military material to be shipped abroad only after government permission has been obtained.Most trade barriers, however, are designed to restrict import.Two of the most common import barriers are quotas (配额) and tariffs (关税).

36.The best title for the passage would be ____. A.How to Succeed in International Trade


C.Trade Barriers



Monetary Unique

Problems in International Trade

37.In France, if business people arrive late, they ____. A.are often insulted

from coldness

C.are often left outdoors waiting asked to polish their shoes

B.often suffer D.are often

38.According to the passage, conversion rates ____. A.are always changing B.are determined by financial institutions

C.are agreed upon by two trading countries D.vary from day to day

39.The intended audience of this passage are ____. A.professors of economics

B.postgraduate students of international trade C.beginners of business D.business people

40.Which of the following is likely to be discussed in the next paragraph? A.Export trade barriers.


B.Quotas and tariffs.

C.Reasons for imposing trading barriers. D.Measures to break down trade barriers.


Things are seldom what they seem.Skim milk masquerades (装扮成) as cream.Anil

labor-saving household appliances often do not save labor.This is the surprising conclusion reached by a small army of historians, sociologists, and home economists who have undertaken, in recent years, to study the one form of work that has turned out to be most resistant to inquiry and analysis -?namely, housework.

During the first half of the twentieth century, the average American household was transformed by the introduction of a group of machines that profoundly altered (改变) the daily lives of housewives.The forty years between 1920 and 1960 witnessed what might be called the \revolution in the home\.Where once there had been a wood or coal burning stove there now was a gas or electric range.The dryer replaced the clothes-line; the vacuum cleaner replaced the broom; the refrigerator replaced the icebox and the root cellar.No one had to chop wood any more.

And yet American housewives in 1960, 1970, 1980 and even 1990 continued to log about the same number of hours at their work as their grandmothers and mothers had in 1910, 1920 and 1930.The earliest time studies of housewives date from the very same period in which time studies of other workers were becoming popular—the first three decades of the twentieth century.The sample sizes of these studies were usually quite small, and they did not always define housework in precisely the same way.but their results were more or less consistent; whether rural or urban, the average American housewife performed fifty to sixty hours of unpaid work in her home every week, and the only variable that significantly altered this was the number of small children. A half-century later not much has changed.Survey research has become much more sophisticated, and sample sizes have grown considerably, but the results of the time remain consistent.The average American housewife, now armed with dozens of motors and thousands of electronic chips, still spends fifty to sixty hours a week doing housework The only variable that significantly altered the size of that number was frill-time employment in the labor force: \housewives cut down the average number of hours that they spend cooking and cleaning, shopping and chauffeuring, to a not insignificant thirty-five, virtually the equivalent of another full-time job.

41.What is the purpose of the second paragraph?

A.To inform readers that the content of housework was changed.

B.To inform readers that the \between 1920-1960.

C.To inform readers that \.

D.To inform readers that housework hours were reduced by the introduction of


42.What does the underlined word \


A.A housewife. B.A home.

C.The survey research. D.The time spent in housework. 43.Which of the following is true according to the passage? A.Modern electrical appliances help revolutionized housework. B.The housework revolution turns out to be nothing.

C.Urban wives spend less time on housework than rural ones.

D.Modern housewives are too occupied with their housework to go out to work.

44.What has reduced the average amount of time American housewives spend on housework?

A.Dozens of motors and thousands of electronic chips. B.Sophisticated survey research. C.Larger sample sizes.

D.Housewives' full-time employment in the labor force.

45.Which of the following best describes the author's viewpoint?

A.Housewives benefit a lot from the \. B.Housewives generally resist being studied. C.Study of housework has revealed fruitful results.

D.Housework is still a heavy burden for most housewives. 第二节:信息匹配(共5小题,每小题2分,满分10分)





is looking for some games about running business.He has never played such games before so he wants to have a try.

47.Jack is a high school student in New York, who is interested in running his

business. He hopes to open a small store selling students' supplies and has

collected enough money for that.But he knows he needs some common sense to make his store better.So he plans to take some courses about business to get some professional directions.

48.Tom plans to start a club about making our earth green at school.But he has

limited knowledge about the environment.He hopes to find a website to gather more information.To make more classmates interested in his idea, he plans to raise the present hot topic of global warming.

49.John's birthday is coming soon.He hopes to have an excellent gift.His mother

has promised to him that he can choose one for himself and she will give him enough money.John hopes to have a new cell phone since his older one is out of order.There are more and more advanced ones on sale online.

50.May is a high school student.Because of family problems she can't afford to

study at a university.But she never stops searching for her dream.She is a waitress at a hotel and she will spare time to learn online.She hopes to get a degree offered by a university online. III.写作(共两节,满分40分)

第一节:基础写作(共1小题,满分15分) 假设你叫李华。你的外国朋友Jon打算长期在广州工作,所以他想买一套合适的住房。你碰巧在报纸上看到这则售房广告,请按广告上的信息发E-mail给他。 Baiyun Square 位于越秀区,紧靠长城饭店,距机场高速仅一公里; 高低层建筑齐全,各种居室设计提供选择; 充足的绿地及停车场,学校,医院,餐馆和现代化购物中心一应俱全; 厨房浴室设备齐全,24小时热水供应,电梯24小时运行; 咨询电话:020—82858888 【写作内容】

46.Carl is addicted to computer games recently.The winter holiday is coming soon.He