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(1) You are minutely analytical and can fulfill any task that requires meticulous attention to detail.

(2) As part of the Kyoto____protocol______, many developed countries have agreed to legally binding reductions in their emissions of greenhouse gases in two commitments periods.

(3) Charles's letter was indeed published, _____albeit___ in a somewhat abbreviated form.

(4) We will just throw them into the air and no one will ask again until people are ____embroiled in litigation. (5) American Association of University Professors defines _____the work of the deceiver.

(9) When completed, the balls are _____including trophies and lamp stands.

(10) It is a way of recovering penalties by a sanction which is the most serious one known to law. 2. 研究者应告诉所有参加研究的被试有关研究的一切特点和细节,尽管这样做也许会影响被试参加实验的意愿,但还是应该这样做。研究者应对被试提出关于实验的各种问题给予解释和回答。 Researchers should tell every participant about all the characteristics and details of the study, though such an act may affect the willingness of subjects. Researchers should also try to answer or explain any question about the experiment from subjects.


Frankness and sincerity are supposed to be essential to the relationship between researchers and subjects. When researchers have to hide from or deceive subjects for methodological reasons, they need to have subjects understand the reasons for doing so and try to recover their original relationships.

研究者应尊重被试在研究中任何时候自由提出拒绝参加或终止实验的要求,特别是当研究者的权力高于被试时,更需要注意这一点。 Researchers should respect the subjects’ rights and freedom to refuse or terminate their participation in the study at any time. This point is even more salient when researchers have higher power-relationship than subjects.


As regards the moral acceptability of experimental procedures and measures, there must be a clear and fair agreement reached by researchers and subjects at the outset in order to clarify each other’s responsibility. Researchers have a responsibility to abide by and comply with the provisions of commitments and obligations in the agreement.

Unit2 Environmental problems they found in Poland were among the worst they encounter (2) He explained to his wife that he _detain________ in the office by unexpected callers. (3) It will be rush hour soon, so it will be first and foremost to leave early in order to be there on

(4) Some people may ____be addicated to_____ net surfing, which impairs both their physical and mental health. (5) Equal employment shall be accorded to all qualified individuals without regard to color (6) In real life, nobody was all bad, nor, ____conversely_______, all good.

(7) In my personal opinion, a Benz of S-class_is superior to_ an Audi A6 in many respects. If I were you, I would buy a Benz.

(8) This piece of work is rather time-_consuming________.

(9) We cannot identify happiness with wealth. That is to say, a wealthy person is not necessarily happy and a poor person may also lead a happy life.

(10) The old machines have already ___be replaced by_____ new ones to increase productivity.

plagiarism______ as “taking over the ideas,

methods, or written words of another, without acknowledgment and with the intention that they be taken as

incorporated ________ into other objects before they are sold,

文化交流是个互相学习、互相借鉴的过程。中国文化既要扎根本土、坚持传统,又要紧跟时代。我们心悦诚服地赞赏其他国家、民族的先进文化,并以博大的胸怀博采众长。这是发展我们民族的、大众的、社会主义文化的需要。The cultural exchange is a process of learning and drawing on experience from each other. The Chinese culture, on the one hand, must keep its locality and tradition, and on the other hand, must step up with the times. We admire the advanced cultures of other nations and would like to learn from them openheartedly. This just meets the needs of developing our national, mass and socialist culture.

数百年来,中国文化令西方人感到神秘,又使他们心驰神往。今天,在“古老的中国、多彩的中国、现代的中国”这一主题统领下,中国传统文化、民族文化和地方文化、现代文化将使世界人民得到一次更全面、更深刻的精神享受,它向世界公众展示的是中国文化异彩纷呈、百花齐放的繁荣景象。 For hundreds of years, people in the West not only marveled at the mystery of Chinese culture but also have a deep longing for it. Now, under the theme “Ancient China, Colorful China, and Modern China”, it will offer the world people a spiritual enjoyment of the Chinese traditional culture, ethic and local culture, and modern culture in an all-round and deeper way. It has displayed to the world colorful and varied culture of China, a flourishing vista in which hundreds of flowers are vying with one another to blossom.

Unit4(1) I ___am allocating a loaf of bread to everyone on a daily basis.

(2) Time was no longer associated just with _cataclysms_ and festivals but rather with everyday life. (3) A team of paleontologists working in the Gobi desert have__shed new light on _ the life of dinosaurs.

(4) Everything hinges on_ what happens next.

(5) The police officer took down all the____particulars _______ of the burglary. (6) No one was prepared to __forgo____their lunch hour to attend the meeting.

(7) School psychologists and social workers are on the front lines of keeping schools safe, but they’re are under-prioritized, ____understaffed ________ , and overworked.

(8) In other parts of the countries, youth justice workers are more concerned about the massive ___backlog_____ of cases.

(9) Another solution to traffic jams in London is more ______congestion______ charging. (10) Peter and I worked ____frenetically______ to ensure that everything would go smoothly.

就一个声称热爱资本主义的民族而言,美国人有时会对给自己带来种种好处的公司疑心重重。关于这一点,近来没有哪家公司比销售食品和几乎所有其它一切的连锁店沃尔玛更了如指掌了。For a people who profess to love capitalism, Americans can sometimes seem mightily suspicious of the companies that deliver its benefits. No firm knows that better these days than Wal-Mart, the chain of stores which sell food and almost everything else.


Founded a mere 42 years ago, Wal-Mart was first seen as a homely, family-run business. But in the intervening years it has grown and grown and grown. Along the way it has revolutionized retailing, which had seemed a dull industry.


It has also become the biggest company in the world by revenues, a behemoth that strikes fear in the hearts of rivals everywhere. Just as remarkable, given its size and success, Wal-Mart looks set for yet another spurt of growth in the next few years. But it has become something else as well: the target for a growing chorus of critics.