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Unit1: Li Ming comes to Canada Content of courses Lesson1: At the Airport 知识与技能:Student can understand read say and practice the dialogue of this lesson. Teaching aims 过程与方法: Introduce, demonstrate, practice. 情感、态度与价值观:通过李明独自去加拿大的事,渗透自主、自强、自立的教育。 Teaching important Teaching difficult Prepare for the class Class period Practice to express the time correctly. Practice to express the time correctly. 1.a real clock 2.number cards 3. audiotape and the tape recorder 1课时 Teaching steps Step 1.Organizing the teaching 1. Greetings 2. Sing the number song Step 2. Revision 1. Play “Clap” to review the numbers from one to one hundred. 2. Play number game to review numbers. Step 3.Key concepts 1. Introduce:


a. Express that in levels 7 and 8, LiMing comes to Canada to spend the school year with Jenny and her family. b. Discuss what the students know about Canada: Where is Canada from China? (east) How far is it Canada? (about 8500 kilometers) What do they speak in Canada? c. Use the big clock to teach “What time is it?” “It’s ______”Explain that we use “o’clock” only on the hour. 2. Student book : a. Explain the picture for the class. b. Discuss the story in the student book. Why is Li Ming coming to Canada? How does he come? Who meets him at the airport? 3. Practice: a. Use the word-cards to show student how to substitute words in “What time is it? It’s ____.”


b. Divide the class into small groups. Ask each group to make up a dialogue about meeting someone at the airport. 4.Students’ activity: 1. Sing the English song “The Little Indians”. 2. Play “Clap” to review numbers. 3. Discuss what they know about Canada. 4. Discuss the story in the student book. 5. Practice the structure “What time is it?” 6. Group-work to practice making up a dialogue about meeting someone at the airport. Excises: A:Nice to see you。 B:Nice to see you, A: you a good trip? B:yes but I`m A:Let`s home。Are these suitcases? Let me help you! B: a lot。