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Physical symptoms of culture shock may include headaches, stomachaches, constant fatigue, difficulty in sleeping and a general feeling of uneasiness. Unfortunately, many doctors are unfamiliar with culture shock and attempt to treat the symptoms rather than the cause.


The important thing to recognize about culture shock is that it is universal. It is experienced to a greater or lesser degree by all those who move from one culture to another. Experiencing culture shock does not mean that an individual is inflexible or unadaptable. It does mean that recognition of its inevitability can lead to the development of steps to reduce its impact.


1.the blues

【译文】忧郁、烦闷、伤感民歌 2.blue jacket 【译文】水兵、水手 3.He lives to a green old age. 【译文】他老当益壮。 4.He looks green. 【译文】他面带病容。 5.He has a green thumb.

【译文】他是个好花匠。 6.He is green-eyed. 【译文】他妒忌心强。 7.The leaves browned slowly. 【译文】树叶渐渐枯了。

8. The rose of her scarf was picked out with the olive of her dress. 【译文】她那淡绿色的衣服衬托着粉红色的围巾。 1.He can read like a blue streak. 【译文】他看书极快。 2.John arrived out of the blue. 【译文】约翰突然来了。

3.The bad news came like a bolt out of the blue. 【译文】这消息来得如晴天霹雳。

4.They felt rather blue after the failure in the football match. 【译文】球赛踢输了,他们感到有些沮丧。

5.—She looks blue today. What’s the matter with her? —She is in holiday blue.

【译文】—— 她今天闷闷不乐,出了什么事情? —— 她得了假期忧郁症。 6.He has white hands. 【译文】他是无辜的。

7.We are all of us done brown. 【译文】我们都上当了。

8.Next time I see him,I’ll give him a black eye. 【译文】下次我见到他, 一定打他一顿。 9.A rainy day always gives me the blues. 【译文】下雨天总是使我心情抑郁。 10.He has a green wound in the left breast. 【译文】他左胸上有一新伤口。 1.He is too yellow to stand up and fight. 【译文】他太胆怯,不敢奋起战斗。 2.His hair is grey black. 【译文】他头发花白。

3.The western sky was a flame of orange. 【译文】西天一片橙红如焰。

4.He took up from the couch the great purple-and-gold texture that covered it. 【译文】他掀起了苫在睡椅上的紫黄花布罩单。

5.His eyes deepened into amethyst, and across them came a mist of tears. 【译文】她的双眼变成紫晶色,泪水汪汪。 6.He is still green to his job.


7.For the Dalloways, in general, were fair-haired; blue-eyed; Elizabeth, on the contrary, was dark; had Chinese eyes in a pale face; an Oriental mystery; was gentle, considerate, still. (Virginia Woolf: Mrs Dalloway)


8.We can’t afford to have anyone in this enterprise who is likely to turn yellow when the testing-time comes.

【译文】我们的企业不能雇拥在考验关头可能畏缩不前的人。 1)His hair is touched with grey. 【译文】他头发苍白。

2)Two green-and-white butterflies fluttered past them. 【译文】两只绿白花色的蝴蝶煽动着翅膀从他们身边飞过。

3)…in his dream he saw the tiny figure,like a fly,fall at once get smoothed out by the yellow claw of water.

(L. G. Durrel: The Alexandria Quareter)

【译文】他在梦中看见个像苍蝇一般大小的人影落下去,马上就被黄色的水的魔爪吞没了。 4)These three colors, red, green, and violet, when combined, produced white. 【译文】红色、绿色和紫色这三种颜色如果调合在一起就变成白色。

5)And they never spoke of it; not for years had they spoken of it; which, he thought, grasping his red and white roses together, is the greatest mistake in the world. (Virginia Woolf: Mrs Dalloway) 【译文】而他们从来不谈起这种感情;很多年都没谈过了;他手里紧握住他的红玫瑰和白玫瑰,心想,这是世界上最大的错误。

6)… and amid the immaculate whiteness of the curds Tess Durberfield’s hands showed themselves of the pinkness of the rose. (Thomas Hardy: Tess of the D’Urbervilles) 【译文】苔丝的两只手让洁白的奶皮衬托得好象淡红的玫瑰。 7)A nearby object falling into a black hole is never heard from again. 【译文】附近的天体一旦落入黑洞,就销声匿迹,永无影踪。 7)A nearby object falling into a black hole is never heard from again. 【译文】附近的天体一旦落入黑洞,就销声匿迹,永无影踪。

8)There was a screen in front of him, with black bulrushes and blue swallows. Where he had once seen mountains, where he had seen faces, where he had seen beauty, there was a screen. (Virginia Woolf: Mrs. Dalloway)


9)As they looked the whole world became perfectly silent, and a flight of gulls crossed the sky, first one gull leading, then another, and in this extraordinary silence and peace, in this pallor, in this purity, bells struck 11 times, the sound fading up there among the gulls.

(Virginia Woolf: Mrs Dalloway)



10)Out came with his pocket-knife a snapshot of Daisy on the verandah; Daisy all in white, with a fox-terrier on her knee; very charming, very dark; the best he had ever seen of her. (Virginia Woolf: Mrs. Dalloway)

【译文】戴西在阳台上照的一张相片随着小折刀一起被掏了出来;穿着一身白衣服的戴西,膝头上趴着一只小猎狐犬;非常迷人,黑黑的皮肤,这是他看到的她最好的一张相片。 1)The blue of his eyes gradually deepened into amethyst. 【译文】她那蓝蓝的眼睛逐渐转为紫色。

2)While laughing, she revealed the red and ivory of her mouth. 【译文】她笑时露出了红唇白牙。

3)The floor was covered with ochre-coloured sawdust, trampled here and there into mud. 【译文】满地是黄褐色的锯末和踩踏的锯末泥。

4)The sky was pure opal now, and the roofs of the houses glistened like silver against it. 【译文】天空一片乳白,屋顶在天空的衬托下银白闪亮。

5)But they did not know how silvery golden her hair was, nor how golden silver her skin; they did not know her enchanting smile.

【译文】可他们不明白她的头发是那么银黄闪亮,皮肤那么白中带红,笑容那么醉心迷人。 6)All was dark except for the amber of the morning light. 【译文】除了淡黄色的晨光外,一切都笼罩在黑暗中。

7)She stood on the threshold, between the steely starlight without and the yellow candle-light within. (Thomas hardy: Tess of the D’Urbervilles)


8)I get hungry for her presence, and when I think of the wonderful soul that is hidden away in that little ivory body, I am filled with awe.

【译文】我急盼她来,但是当我一想到她那颗隐藏在米黄色小身体里的捉摸不定的心,不免担起心来。 9)Another time he devoted himself entirely to music, and in a long latticed room, with a vermilion-and-gold ceiling and walls of olive-green lacquer, he used to give curious concerts.


10)To look at, he might have been a clerk, but of the better sort; for he wore brown boots; his hands were educated; so, too, his profile—his angular, big-nosed, intelligent, sensitive profile; but not his lips altogether, for they were loose; and his eyes (as eyes tend to be), eyes merely; hazel, large; so that he was, on the whole, a border case, neither one thing nor the other.

(Virginia Woolf: Mrs Dalloway)


1)A charming woman, Scrope Purvis thought her; a touch of the bird about her, of the jay, blue-green,